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73 Crown St
Richmond, VIC, 3121

+61 3 9428 3229

Sustainable, high quality, specialty coffee. Our commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability puts us at the forefront of the industry. Roasting in Richmond, VIC Australia.

Brazil Fazenda California Double Fermentation (Espresso)


Brazil Fazenda California Double Fermentation (Espresso)


Brazil Fazenda California Double Fermentation (Espresso)

from 16.00

Velvety, nutella, golden syrup and lingonberry.

Producer: Luiz Roberto Saldanha Rodrigues
Region: Jacarenzinho, Paraná
Variety: Obatà
Process: Double Fermentation
Altitude: 650m

The Obatà variety is a leaf rust resistant hybrid from the Timor and Villa Sarchi varieties related to the Bourbon family. This genetic lineage gives it a superior cup quality compared to other roya-resistant varieties.

During the double fermentation process, the whole cherry is soaked in water for 24 hours before pulping, then a further 36 hour fermentation occurs. This allows for a different microbiome to develop during the fermentation process which gives this coffee it’s unique characteristics in the cup.

To maximise freshness, ground coffee only available in 250g sizes.

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