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73 Crown St
Richmond, VIC, 3121

+61 3 9428 3229

Sustainable, high quality, specialty coffee. Our commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability puts us at the forefront of the industry. Roasting in Richmond, VIC Australia.

The Forgotten French Press


The Forgotten French Press

Tom Ervin-Ward

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Chances are you have a french press (or plunger) sitting in the back of your cupboard. This tried and tested filter coffee brewing method can deliver a full bodied, complex and satisfying brew.

French press is full-immersion brew method – meaning that the coffee grinds sit and steep in the hot water, not drip through it. It is this simplicity that leads to a consistent brew each time and makes it the perfect option for brewing multiple cups at once.

There's a social aspect to the french press. It was designed for sharing. You don't need lots of concentration like other manual brew methods. Simply weigh the coffee, add your water and chat away while the coffee brews. After 4 minutes, press down the plunger and pour the coffee.

  • Always start with a clean, pre-heated french press.
  • Use hot, filtered water just off the boil or around 95°C
  • Weigh your coffee dose using a medium course grind
  • Let the coffee steep for 4 minutes
  • After 4 minutes press down the plunger to finish the process at 4:30mins.
  • Pour into cups straight away or decant to a pre-heated coffee pot to prevent over-extraction.
  • Share and enjoy.

If you remember the brew recipe and basic brew method, and clean the french press well after each use, you will always brew a great cup.


dose: 22g
water: 300g
steep & plunge: 4min
total brew time: 4:30mins

dose: 66g
water: 900g
steep & plunge: 4min
total brew time: 4:30mins

dose: 100g
water: 1400g
steep & plunge: 4min
total brew time: 4:30mins

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